half day desert safari




what’s include Half day

  • Desert dune bash and dinner experience from Abu Dhabi
  • Ride a 4×4 Land Cruiser into the rolling desert east of Abu Dhabi
  • Enjoy an exciting dune drive in the Al Khatim area, with a professional driver
  • Visit a desert camp and ride a camel, try sand boarding and practice belly dancing if you wish
  • Puff on a ‘shisha’ (Arabic water pipe), get a henna tattoo and more
  • Feast on a sizzling BBQ dinner and watch a belly dancing display
  • Enjoy unlimited complimentary sodas, mineral water, coffee and dates with dinner


Unveil your spirit of adventure on this fun packed desert expedition from Abu Dhabi in Half Day Desert Safari. Glide into the Arabian wilderness by 4*4 Land. Also take a dune drive through Al Khatim area. Zip up and down the dunes with a professional driver as the sun sinks over the ancient landscapes. The dinner experience with us will give you an authentic taste of Abu Dhabi’s cuisines. You can see and practice belly dance. Its one of the best dance performances all over the world featuring the movements of hips and torso. A BBQ dinner while watching belly dance will never disappoint you on your Abu Dhabi trip. Also experience the joy of puff on a shisha (Arabic water pipe). We have the widest range of hookahs in Dubai. Besides experience Shisha in a way you’ve never experienced before.
However you can get great henna tattoos from professional henna artists. Standing on the United Arab Emirates deserts including the Empty Quarter that extends to Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi is a wonderful point of departure for dune-based adventures. From camel rides to Bedouin-style camps, here are some of the top desert experiences available from the UAE capital. Few people had a chance to live on the edge of the desert. Desert Accommodation arose from this privilege. We offer you the best desert camp accommodation in the UAE. Riding a camel through the swirling, windswept desert  is one of the most remarkable and fascinating experiences you can have in Abu Dhabi. Thus the evening camel safari is a great choice for every visitor in the UAE.